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A couple of Chinese newlyweds decided to take their wedding photos in a dark and striking direction to protest their country’s out-of-control pollution. The two lovebirds took their wedding photos wearing gas masks to shield themselves from Beijing’s clouds of toxic smog. Beijing has never been known as an especially clean city, but the toxic industrial clouds hovering over the city in the past few months have forced the government to impose limits on factories and power plants in the Beijing area. The level of toxic PM 2.5 particles, which are small enough to enter the bloodstream through the lungs, is more than 20 times higher than acceptable norms. Beijing’s residents are now forced to wear dust masks to preserve their health, but this couple donned gas masks to underscore the fact that the city they were married in is becoming toxic and uninhabitable.
@cityofkyle Good Job!!!!! :) you did accomplish something i mean even though it was a small step but i am sure that by slowly convincing others we will be able to make a better place eventually!~
@ameliasantos10 I took a debate class yesterday and I had to engage in a debate about global warming and I had to argue that the United States should unilaterally decrease its carbon emissions regardless of whether other countries agree to do so. I was really worried that I had the losing side of the argument but I managed to convince my whole class who voted for my side and I won! =D felt like I did something small but important for the environment hehe
@cityofkyle Yay good job :)
@cityofkyle hey, its all about the little steps to big changes, like @ameliasantos10 said!!
@cityofkyle you are so right! everybody plays a part in this society and this world.. i wish more people would be aware of this and think about it more :(
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