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Spring is in the air! Well, depending on how you count that may or may not be true, but what’s important is that, all throughout the northern hemisphere, people are getting the first hints of warmth after the bitter winter. These pictures of Dutch tulip fields should definitely get everybody in the mood for spring. Spring is both a symbolic and literal herald of regrowth and rebirth –hibernating animals emerge from their dens to feed, trees and plants begin releasing new buds, the snow migratory birds return from their melts away, and warmer climates for the summer.What looks like a spectacular view to most of us is actually one of the leading businesses in Netherlands: according to the statistics, around 80% of the tulip production comes from this country alone. The season begins in March, so if you’re in Netherlands, make sure to visit the country side and see the marvelous sights! These days, depending on whom you ask, the beginning of spring can be March 1st, March 20th, or another date based on other factors. What day do you pick?
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Number 5 is such an amazing image! Do you by chance know the name of the photographer, or the artist pictured?
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@onesmile it was taken by Matthew Baker
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Fields of flowers
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