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cookie run @ameliasantos10 look whos in first place lol @cheerfulcalliee its sooo not hard lol, just jump and slide :P
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that's too bad i'm koearn so i use playstore that has a koearn version it has a new cookie "예언자맛쿠키"
lol @nothingtodo i dont even read /understand korean but i just keep plsying the games till i get it right.
@mrjockX lol but i can read some english because i learned an english in scool the new cookie's name is "prophet cookie" in english, now you can understand.
@nothingtodo i dont play anymore :( id have to start from scratch lol. a years worth down the drain when they got rid of :( i dont want to play the line version. im not motivated now haha.
@mrjockX lol i think the same , thesdays cookie run is not fun,bored so i dont play haha