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What to wear to the gym? How about stop wearing souvenir t-shirts you got from your last vacation or a white beater tank for a start? Workout clothes needs to be breathable and comfortable at the same time. You need to be able to move in them. What you wear to your gym or working out session depends on what would you be doing and where do you workout at. Country club, gym or street? At the gym, some guys just go play some basketball, some go for Cardio, kick boxing, while others can't stop lifting weight. Whatever it is will benefits you one way or another, your body would appreciate you for doing it and so does your clothes. In the #2 pic, I like the style of it, but I would not wear the grey cotton t's or shorts to workout. It looks good without sweats, I would bring them to change after my workout session. And guys, during peak hours at the gym, try to keep your cardio machine use to the minimum. Those ladies will claw your eyes out if you stay on it more than 10 mins. Also, checkout the link for some good inner and outer workout apparel for men.