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20-Minute Workout Playlist
Only have time for a quick workout? Make the most of it with FitSugar's lower body workout plan and playlist!
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has anyone tried this?? I need motivation people!! :DD
3 years ago·Reply
@samrusso715 I havent tried it yet but I always make plans to..i went to the gym this morning! such a rare thing for me hahahaa
3 years ago·Reply
HAHA let's motivate each other, I am in the same position. I heard if you exercise first thing when you wake up, your mind doesn't have the time to register that you're actually working out...so maybe its not as painful.. LOL
3 years ago·Reply
@samrusso716 I used to work out every morning before school, but now I work until midnight so there is no~~~~ way I'm getting up at 6am ahahaha
3 years ago·Reply
LOL agreed... I'm so lazy lately. just eating and eating sigh.
3 years ago·Reply