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3/2/14 May happiness and joy always be around you 2/28/14 ELF .. always thank you 2/25/14 my little brother went and returned from Beijing .. he won`t wake up from his sleep kk 2/22/14 I'm happy to spend the last of SS5 with China ELF. I will always be with (you all) by heart
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@JoleneC haha right!! His eyes are probably his best feature next to his majestic voice XD
4 years ago·Reply
lol His lips are nice too, @aneezaful I noticed Koreans have full lips ^^
4 years ago·Reply
@JoleneC omg yes~
4 years ago·Reply
@aneezaful, I worked with a Korean student, he was a sweetie, I liked his eyes the most
4 years ago·Reply
@JoleneC haha
4 years ago·Reply