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This video was taken near the peninsula Digby Neck in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia! I keep watching this over and over again and am just amazed at the sheer size of the whales compared to the tiny boat!! I've been squealing in excitement about just how badly I want to go--you can take a tour from the towns around the bay, and whale sightings are super common as early as May, until mid-October~! I do get a little nervous with how much the boat seems to rock, though, how about you? Do you want to witness a show like this one (which went on for 1.5 hours!!)? I know I do!!!
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I have heard about this too in documentaries .. /don't judge/ hahhahaha @onesmile
Come on I totally wouldn't judge, haha!! I watch my fair share of animal planet documentaries, too :) @pampam93
hahahahaha well I am glad I am not the only one in this journey! @onesmile
wow the size of the whales in comparison to the boat is crazy....I wonder if anyone's boat has ever flipped while whale watching @onesmile
@mcgraffy I have never heard of that happening before but I really think its possible!!! and scary!!!