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guess who they were?
guess who they were? who can answer correctly. will be prizes, can ask for photos :) Coba tebaaak siapa mereka ini , yang betul dapet hadiah , bisa can ask for photos :) apapun deh !
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kyuhyun and eunhyuk..
5 years ago·Reply
3xiaoppa : that's right ! :) you are right so I'll give you a picture as you wish?what a picture? ^^
5 years ago·Reply
pictures of leeteuk wolud be fine..... hakhak.. tnx..
5 years ago·Reply
pictures of leeteuk would be fine.....hakhak..tnx..
5 years ago·Reply
3xiaoppa : I am ready to show the image Leeteuk for you ^^
5 years ago·Reply