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(0:03) Host: JH, what did you think of that performance? JH: They are real men. But enough of them, let’s talk about the next stage. Host: It’s the famous flower boy band we’ve all been waiting a long time for, CNBLUE. CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody, We are CNBLUE. (0:17) JH: Hello guys. How did you get here? (0:20) YH: JH, that spot suits you well. JS: really suits you well. YH: The three of us will just stay here. Host: It does suit him. (0:24) JS: it really does suit you well. Host: It feels natural to have him here. (0:26) JH: You guys, don’t you think it’s too much. (Walks over to stand with CNBLUE) Isn’t it supposed to be like this? YH: Sorry. MC: JH seems a bit sad. MC: Can we continue? (0:36) YH: Yes, yes. MC: You made your fans wait for a long time. There’s been a lot of buzz about your album. Can you tell what is special about CNBLUE in this album? (0:45) YH: Everyone will hear music that we produced while we were on our world tour. It’s an upgrade in our music. MC: Upgrade in music. You will have your comeback stage later on in our show. Is there anything we should pay attention to? (0:59) MH: YH throws away the guitar and plays the piano. JH: puts down. JS: not throw away. MC: Piano man. What will that look like? Excited to see it. The title song is called Can’t Stop. What is something you guys can’t stop doing? (1:17) JS: Recently we got interested in photography. Taking pictures is something I can’t stop. (1:23) JH: For me, music has always been something I can’t stop. MC: So cool. Pressure on the next answer… (1:28) YH: The love I have for the fans is something I can’t stop. MC: Oh, such a good answer. JS: Really, why does it have to be like this? MC: Last answer? (1:35) MH: The love I feel for CNBLUE’s leader is something I Can’t Stop. JS: I knew you were going to say that! MC: Such cool answers. MC: Their Can’t Stop comeback stage will in a little while. Please say something to the fans who are supporting you? (1:53) YH: We’ve made you wait a long time. We are back with good music. Please look forward to it. MC: A lot of artists are making promises to do unique things if they win first place. Do you have any promises? (2:05) YH: If we win first place, we will sing a Satoori version of Can’t Stop. MC: Big promise. MC: Please stay tuned for CNBLUE’s comeback stage. CNBLUE will help us introduce the next stage. (2:18) MH: We’ve been looking forward to this star’s Comeback too. JS: The mysterious vampire girl Sunmi. JH: The Show. Everyone: Play.