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Female host: They never stop their passion for music. Male host: Can’t Stop, CNBLUE. Welcome. (0:06) CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody. We’re CNBLUE. Male Host: So good to see you guys. The title track is named ‘Can’t Stop’. What kind of song is it? (0:11) JH: It’s about how we can’t stop the love for our music. YH composed it. Host: Wow? (0:16) YH: Seeing the two of you. I’m thinking of something, Male host: You’re thinking? (0:19) YH singing: Just once a week, please appear before me, Yu-bi (name of female host), Just only once a week, I will try to smile, Kwang-hee(name of male host) Male Host: Wow. So amazing! How do you write such cool lyrics? (0:32) YH: it’s good? Male Host: Please look forward to CNBLUE’s comeback stage. (0:36) MY: Later tonight, at 12:15am. (0:39) JS: There will be our special Comeback show. Please look forward to it. Female host while saying, ‘The next stage is’ pushes male host away, and stands next to YH and says to him, I like you. (0:46)YH: Thank you. Male host: Why are you confessing, are you crazy? Female host: is GOT7. (To YH again) I like you. Male host: You are unbelievable. Everyone: Music, music, start!!