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If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars
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@divalycious started with fashions but maybe I'll do more after hehe XD
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did you know the guy in glasses on the right is lupita nyong'o's brother? and he's apparently just a freshman at college? hahahaah fame over night!! @divalycious @onesmile you are right everything about the oscars was hilarious lol Ellen was probably the best host!
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oh really @ameliasantos10 … i did not get a chance to watch it … :(
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@divalycious there are many highlights online! ^^; I didn't watch much, either, I was too tired haha ^^
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@divalycious to be honest I didn't get to see the whole thing either ... hahaha but i saw a lot of the highlights !!
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