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Currently, the Vingle mobile writing feature is available only to those who have received the feature invitation. Now that you have entered the invitation code to activate the writing function, you can start to use it. You have also been awarded 5 invitations to send to those who, like you, wish to start using the Vingle mobile writing feature. 1. How to add a card (images 1-3) *When you open the side navigation menu, located at the top left corner, you will find the new menu, "Add a card." *You may share text, photos, video, and links here. Once you are done writing your card and attaching all desired media files, press "Done," found at the top right corner. *Decide in which language and to which collection you would like to publish your card. Add the card to Vingle by simply pressing the "Add" button. => Publishing your cards to an interest community is not mandatory. Remember to publish cards to those communities that would appreciate your content. Please refer to the Vingle publish guideline ( for further information. 2. Sending Invitations (image 4-6) If you scroll further down the aforementioned side menu, you will notice the new "Send Invitations" menu. Enter the email address of the invitee to send an invitation letter. If you have any feedback or suggestions after using the Vingle mobile writing feature, please be sure to let us know. We will make improvements to the feature based on the feedback we receive from Vinglers such as yourself.
Hi! Not sure if this is still something going on but seeing as I can't post the card I've been working on, it might be... Can someone please let me know? Thanks in advance.
@kylekhandikian @byhansy check your messages :) I have some invites :)
any one wonderful enough to send me an invite? I'd be much more active if I had access on my phone...
Anyone have anymore invites left? =)
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