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SUPER DUPER GREAT NEWS!! SBS will show to us the full epilogue of the FINAL Episode. The Epilogue will show SongYi and Do MinJoon carrying out a lovey dovey time in their newlywed house. The Final episode was cut off due to broadcast time, so then they decided to reveal the full Finale of You Who Came From The Stars 별에서 온 그대. @nylamrehs @stephiikins @wondergirl @christy @MasriDaniela @ameliasantos10 @misswhatever @congtuafang @mayurachoi @irelis27 @pandapieee @annbhoi @suranimh @rmbs @monette @amyling @Icscook @daniselane773 @tyta468 @llenzycris @monette @dramacrazy @karen @lymuniroth @hellohi01 @lindalimlinglin @sofeaamrez @deanloveradh @monettesky @lynespanol @gago @allie2013 @bquimzon @mariamatillano @deanloveradh @bitbybit @whilmsky @hufflepuff @nonabisi @ruizangelofluv @hebamaher @Monettesky @yuan20 @krissilva75 @Siennabebs @dawnalvin L@@KS like we are getting our wishes fulfilled after all ... wheeeeeeeee :D
oh yeah!! It's the 5th now!~ I wonder where they will show the final ep...
hmmmmm what can i say now ...???? i wait and wait for a super final but ...nope ....
When can we watch the final episode? So excited
where can I watch the full of final episode? thank
@divalycious I know right!! It's like what do I do with my time?!?! and I am sure all of us are doing cartwheels in our heads!!!!
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