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Wearing: Prada Wow! This blue dress is amazing--the neckline, sparkle, and clutch make such a beautiful image! Lupita says the dress was made just for her, and reminds her of her home-- Nairobi, Kenya. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 12 Years a Slave, beating out Jennifer Lawrence! Thirty-one year old Lupita is a Yale drama student.
She looks like Cinderella. I'm so happy she won an Oscar:)
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Woah, didn't notice that before; she does look like Cinderella. I'm glad she won, too!! I'd have been okay with others, but I think she totally deserved it~ @nokcha
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I totally love his dress and you know just like she said this was totally made for her!! @onesmile like you mentioned the blue and the neckline! There’s always the danger of a low cut neckline but wow her dress doesn’t give out that LOW CUT WARNING at all haha and yes... I think she deserves the oscar !!
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@lillyann haha yes exactly; the lowcut works with the dress well so it doesn't seem too revealing in my opinion ^^ she's so great!
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