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Wearing: Elie Saab Couture Since she's been wearing a lot of solid black or solid white ensembles to awards shoes, Angelina surprised in this Elie Saab dress! Many, though, found her hair and makeup to be a bit lacking. I think a simple hairstyle is good, but I don't love this one. How would you have done your hair?
@lillyann yeah, she must! Otherwise she's just really lucky. But those muscles are way more than luck, I think~
@onesmile and she totally looks like the kind of person who takes care of her figures!! Like eating healthy and for sure she exercised really hard!
@lillyann Definitely! I always wonder how she maintains such a figure, but then I realize that she's always been in shape so it's probably become such a lifestyle for her~
i know right! to make this look perfect I guess we just go top it with confidence!!@onesmile and i think another thing that makes Angelina pulls this off so perfectly is her never ageing figure!! comparing to the model who is probably half her age Angelina has like such a perfect body!
@lillyann exactly! I aspire to be able to take a runway look and have the confidence to make it look good OFF the runway like her ^^
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