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Wearing: Dior Haute Couture dress, Winston Cluster Diamond pendant necklace This outfit has been getting some hate, but there are a few things I really love! First, I like the nearly-see-through straps. Why worry about a fashion malfunction; this solution looks better than exposed chests or shiny straps, and still allows for the dress's shape to be unaffected. Second, that necklace!! Its a 31-karat diamond cluster pendant. Regardless of how you feel about the dress, you have to be amazed by the necklace. Do you want a chance to wear such an expensive pendant like Theron's?
@gabyrich looks like a compliment to me!
@gabyrich me too :) the necklace is stunning
I thought she looked gorgeous
@onesmile it certainly is!
"Charlize Theron looks like a wildly fashion-forward underwater woman in this sculptured creation, and we mean that as the highest compliment. Her swooping skirt is absolute perfection, but it's the neckline that makes this look so classic."
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