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Wearing: Vera Wang This look is so simple, but completed with red lipstick and diamond earrings, I really like it! I love that this is a look that could work off the red carpet for a different kind of formal affair. I love Vera Wang, and Emma, so this is all a good look for me~~
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@ameliasantos10 its true!! a different kind of natural pretty~~
@amelisaantos i guess she was visiting some friends or sumtin round my school. actually she looks really different. i have seen a few around this area and they always look very different... sorrrriieeee XD
@n3xt that's awesome! I'm kind of jealous, haha!
@n3xt hahaha i think i am not offended but yer my jealousy is just taking over hahahahh if i was you i don't know if i could talk about seeing emma watson so cooly... i will probably be in all CAPS and like scream while typing hahaha