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The unofficial anthem of New York City! Did you know that Katy Perry wrote "California Girls" because she wanted California to have a song to sing just like New York because of this song??
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@ericameet1 oh cool! i just looked at your vingle and saw you like verbal jint!! Love his flow~~
4 years ago·Reply
@nokcha hahahahahhahah well i am hoping that you are now in New York yes??? so that could be your celebration song!!
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 I am!! Wooo~~~ and I'm actually graduating this year...don't remind me hahaha
4 years ago·Reply
@nokcha congratulations!!!! hahah are you going to stay in NY????
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 who knows?! I barely know what im going to do next weekend let alone what im going to do in a few months hahahah
4 years ago·Reply