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Michael Jackson's music and dance moves are incredible. He really inspired every musician to come after him. This is such a great song!
I am not sure if I was a huge fan of his music, but his dance moves were just on a whole new level. I have yet to see another artist match his dance prowess. Truly the king of dance.
@nokcha yeah always listen to him daily. I can't get enough of him
@nokcha they actually use to hold annual event around the world too!! it's pretty awesome hahah at the same time in cities around the world they do thriller flashmob!! hahahah
@styleisking @ameliasantos10 oh my gosh I just looked that up! How funny hahaha I've seen a ton of videos of people doing thriller at their weddings. proof that he really is king of dance :)
when i think of michael jackson I alwawys think of thriller! that has got to be the scariest music video and yet one of the best song ever !! and have you guys heard of the event thrill the world??
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