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These are not your typical cowboys plaids. These are well design, tastefully put together by most stylish men on the planet during the fashion week. Pay attention at the width of these patterns, colors combination of each plaids, choices of garments for that particular plaid print and using them wisely to accomplish these look. You can make plaid totally the focal point of your outfit or you can make it faded as a background or blended in with other pieces. Here are some great examples
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@Meninstyles cool; I didn't realize different plaid styles have their own names
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they do have few types, tartan, gingham, tattersall. But the style or designs of plaids are recognizable between brands such as plaids from Burberry or Ralph Lauren (for this one in particular, the correct fashion term would be"tartan" plaid).
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And there is no real "Oxford plaid". When you hear that term, it usually means that it's a tattersall plaid pattern on Oxford shirt (made from Oxford fabric). Like the first guy on the left in pic#7. The pattern width and sizes of the plaid itself can be wider or narrower.
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@Meninstyles woah, cool~~! Haha you always teach me so much, thanks! Are there a lot of names like "Oxford plaid" that are a certain type of plaid pattern paired with a certain fabric, or is that the only one?
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all the plaid I wear is casual but I love these!
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