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During the holy fasting month of Ramadhan, breaking the fast in Indonesia is traditionally celebrated with indulging delicacies such as sweet snacks and drinks, popularly known as ta'jil. There are various kinds of traditional sweets in the archipelago but if you happen to be somewhere in Jakarta here are five easy to find ta’jil. Kolak Kolak is one of the most popular beverages during the month of Ramadhan in Jakarta. At almost every stall you visit a version of this sweet concoction is on offer and the safest choice is to pick the seller with the longest queue. The hot thick drink is made of coconut milk with yams, banana, sweet potato, boiled cassava, pumpkin and other starchy fruits and vegetables with palm sugar. Sometimes, Kolak is served with kolang-kaling. It is a white, opaque, thumb-sized fruit of the sugar palm tree, which is soft and a bit rubbery. The carbohydrate level in kolang-kaling makes you feel full and apparently aids weight loss and improves digestion. Average price on Jakarta’s streets: Rp 5,000 Es cendol Es cendol’s main ingredient is rice flour, to which a natural green color from the extract of pandanus leafs is added. It is then mixed with palm sugar, coconut milk and ice. This cold sweet drink is good to have when you feel quite hungry. This drink is usually associated with the city of Bandung, West Java, where most of the Es Cendol vendors add the name of Bandung on the front of their stall in order to guarantee its quality. Average price on Jakarta’s streets: Rp 8,000 Es kelapa muda Es kelapa muda is iced young coconut water that is usually served with palm sugar. This is a simple but refreshing beverage that can easily be found during Ramadhan. Though it is already delicious when we served it just the way it is, people usually add other ingredients, such as black jelly, timun suri (yellow cucumbers) and colored syrup. Average price on Jakarta’s streets: Rp 5,000 Es podeng Podeng literally means ice and pudding. Es podeng's palatable ingredients include ice cream, pink jelly, sweetened black sticky rice, bread, shredded roasted peanut, chocolate sprinkles and condensed milk. The ice cream can be vanilla, coconut or durian flavor. Average price: Rp 10,000 Es blewah The yellow Blewah melon drink is very sweet and is served simply by shredding the flesh of the fruit. The drink is usually served with ice and light colored syrup. Average price on Jakarta’s streets: Rp 9,000
@nokcha it will be difficult, but you can still try by going to any Indonesian restaurants :)
These look delicious! I wonder if I can find this all in New York City?