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Diving With Whales in Tonga
I am not a fantastic swimmer, and things significantly larger than me scare me a little (okay, a lot) so I'm not sure if this would be on MY bucket list. I wish I was brave enough...maybe someday. Would you guys dive with whales?
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@dillonk @nokcha @amog32 right? a tiny movement to them could cause such a huge reaction for me, but I want to be brave about it~
@nokcha @onesmile @amog32 It can be a little scary at first, just make sure you swim with the right type of fish! ;)
Humans equate bigger with more dangerous and that just isn't the case. Whales are the gentle Giants of the sea. There hasn't been a recorded attack ever with Orcas on humans and they are the number one predator of the sea with no known enemies except for man. It's more dangerous on land than it is in the ocean for us and we are our own worst enemy.