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Actress Yang Jin Sung plays two roles in "Bride Of The Century. She plays the calculating Jang Yi Kyung and the bubbly warm-hearted Na Doo Rim. The energy that the young actress exudes in her dual role is part of what makes the ghost story of a drama all the more entertaining. Here are a few things you may not know about this young actress. 1. She attends Ewha Women's University in Seoul and is majoring in fine arts. The private women's university is considered to be one of the nation's most prestigious. One of her favorite mediums to create art in is glass. 2. Although she is not well known she is not exactly a rookie actress. She played Ji Sung's murdered pregnant girlfriend in "Secret Love, " was Shun Eun Ah in "City Hunter" and also had a role in the drama "She Is Wow." 3. Despite the challenge, she enjoys playing two roles in "Bride of the Century." "It's fun to play two roles," she said. "But people don't talk to me when I play JangYi Kyung. I focus on my character, so I guess my looks change." To make the transition between her two characters, she often takes an hour break in between. She also admits that she did find it hard to look at herself when she played the less than glamorous Na Doo Rim in the first few episodes. But she gracefully transformed into the chaebol's fiancée with only a minor makeover. 4. Lee Hongki of F.T. Island said he prefers her to Park Shin Hye. When Yang Jin Sung's co-star in "Bride of the Century" was asked whether he preferred her to his "You're Beautiful" co-star Park Shin Hye, he chose her. "I like and am really comfortable being around both my co-stars," he said. "But I've always liked women who are older than me. So If I had to choose, I would probably choose Yang Jin Sung." That's saying a lot as he and Park Shin Hye have remained friends and he recently helped her celebrate her birthday. 5. Even though Lee Hongki is comfortable with Yang Jin Sung, she worried about acting with him before the comedy began. She felt pressured by the fact that he was a popular idol. I was worried in the beginning but things got better as we started filming," she said. She also admits to being intimidated by Lee Hongki's fans that often visit the set. But she is no longer frightened of them and thinks they help make filming more enjoyable. The upbeat young actress is fun to watch in "Bride of the Century."
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after i started watching this drama i am just amazed how she transforms between the roles!!~ I mean one scene she is just a country girl but the next she becomes glamorous!~