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Oscars 2014: Lady Gaga
Wearing: Atelier Versace dress, Brian Atwood heels Wow--this dress is definitely a statement. But, Lady Gaga was getting more comments for her difficulty walking due to the giant platform shoes she was wearing. Should the star have chosen a more reasonable shoe choice for the Oscars this year?
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she looks uncomfortable as if she cant breathe and having that scarf around her neck aint helping either....
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@cheerfulcallie yeah, its all really....idk...off!!
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@cheerfulcallie just looking at it i already hold my breath! hahaha and @onesmile she definitely should have worn it like the model .. i understand that she wants it to be different but in this case maybe following the original won't be such a bad move
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@cheerfulcallie the dress shows her amazing waistline but maybe it does make her look like she’s about to faint?! @onesmile heheh maybe you are right.. it just looks off!!
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Lady Gaga looks stunning!
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