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Wearing: Givenchy This dress isn't a style I would ever wear, but I think it looks beautiful on Roberts! Does this woman age?! I think my favorite part about this whole look is just how naturally happy she looks, to be honest!
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@ameliasantos10 a really cute fish but yes!! hahaha!!
@onesmile one of my friend is like in love with him so when i talk about him with her i just call him fish and she always give me the death stare HAHAHAHAAH
@ameliasantos10 HAHA true friendship then; you have to make fun of her crushes~~!!
@onesmile I know right hahah we can't be best friend unless one of us start making fun of the others crush ... that is how I define true friendship hahahahha
@ameliasantos10 me too!!! Who else is going to tease you nicely, you know?