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Wearing: Chanel Couture Even though Justin Timberlake didn't come along with her tonight, Jessica looked stunning on her own! Biel was very excited to be attending, sharing a photo on her way there, and also a picture of her invitation when she first received it. What do you think of this Chanel dress?
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@cheerfulcallie lol ok I'll make sure to consult with you first :)
@onesmile @cheerfulcallie let me join you in this glam squad! ahahahhaha we will make sure you look perfecvt for the red carpet!
@ameliasantos10 @cheerfulcallie I think maybbbbee we need invitations to the red carpet first hahahah!!!
@onesmile that we can always find ways ... or better yet make our own red carpet!! hahahahahaha
@ameliasantos10 vingler red carpet? hahahhaa