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A/C Tune-Ups: What A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning Can Do

The best way to care for your unit is to give it a regular dose of maintenance. There simple things that you can do yourself, including filter replacement or cutting the bushes around the condenser. However, you should only let the professional hands handle the complex maintenance tasks for guaranteed results.

If you are in Orlando, FL, and needs expert air conditioning tune-up, you have one company to call for reliable services. A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is just around the corner. Check out what we can do for you:

Calibrate thermostat
Inspect all safety controls
Adjust fan belts, if any
Lubricate blower bearings, if applicable
Check all electrical connections
Inspect all accessible ductwork
Inspect heater vent pipe
Adjust pilot light
Check heat exchanger
Inspect burners or strips
Check gas pressure
Check amp draw on strips
Check fan limit relay
Check heat pump refrigerant charge
Adjust fan safety control
Check breaker & fuse size
Change/clean filter, if available and/or recommend replacement
Check temperature difference
Check all starting capabilities
Check oil pump & filters
Drain line flushing
Check the condition of coils
Benefits of A/C Tune-ups

Do you think that an A/C maintenance service is just another money-consuming task for your air conditioner? Honestly, A/C tune-ups are never free, but, the money you invested will just be refunded in the form of your unit’s safe and efficient operation. Check out these benefits that you can enjoy in the long run:

Increased Efficiency. Summer is a harsh season for your air conditioning unit. An A/C maintenance service will help secure the proper operation of your unit so that it can cope with the challenge. Professional technicians inspect every component and provide the needed adjustment and lubrication to keep the performance smooth.
Lower Energy Bills. When your unit is working in tip-top shape, there’s no room for wasted energy that can cause your monthly bills to reach the roof. In here, you can save as much as the money you spent on the tune-up service.
Reduce Risks of Service Call. ac installation lake mary, FL identify and solve simple problems before they become major issues in the system. Scheduling service before the heatwave can result in lesser emergency repair calls.
Better Comfort. Air conditioning units that are properly maintained give more reliable cooling in the long summer month. It also improved the air you breathe inside your home.
Should you schedule your tune-up service? The simplest answer to that is YES! Appointments can fill up fast! Request service here!