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A bit of backstory - The last time I heard 도끼 and Illionaire, I was flat-out not impressed. They were amateurs who were trying WAY too hard to be something they weren't, imitating a lot of sounds and lyrics from American rap songs that were already on their way out the door. Part of that still holds true...the HUSTLA' lyrics really need to go, but the sounds have been brought into today's world and Beenzino and The Quiett have brought something unique to the table as well.
Agreed. Bangtan Boys were promoted as a group made up of young underground rappers but other than being great dancers I don't see their skills being much different from any other boy idol group. too bad :/
Hmm...it depends on what they do after moving into the spotlight. I don't know the whole story behind TOP but he's done some good shit (Doom Dada and the like). I would be worried about them selling out in the long run but I think ultimately it's good for the genre (hip hop, that is). Some Korean groups and solo artists bring a very fresh feel to it.
what do you think about the underground rappers that move into kpop like TOP or some of the members of the new group Topp Dogg?
I'm a non-kpop person. I hate kpop, so this is a welcome change for sure.
It's interesting that a lot of current kpop groups are trying to incorporate a harder rap sound. I wonder how non-kpoppers will react?