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Woah! in the Sea of Cortez near La Paz, Mexico, it's a popular tourist attraction to go out on a boat and dive in, hoping to get to play with the sea lions! One especially popular area is called Los Islotes; here, the bigger bulls and older sea lions stay on the island, but the young pups are curious and will jump in the water to come explore with the divers! They seem to just want to play, and all is safe unless a bull gets in the water to protect the pups, or one of juvenile sea lions bites. (They can do this, but if you don't pull away, they usually just nibble!) Most tourists had nothing but a good time, and even got to see dolphins and whales on their time out on the boats. Does swimming with sea lions sound fun, or would you prefer to just watch them from the boat?
@pampam93 me too :) I think everyone should try it hahaha
@suziekim I really want to go!!
@onesmile hahahaha yes because i am a greedy person and will not let anyone take me to see these sea lions hahahahah nahh,... i should definitely check this out!! sounds like one of those things i must do before i die hahaa
Wow! Very cool!
For this, the fee would be in hiring the boat or signing up for a boat tour that takes you to the area :) it's probably best to go that way so you have someone with experience doing it; but its free open waters so I guess you could take your own boat lol!!
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