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This man-made lake sprawls through the mountains 14 miles away from Jilin City District. It's creation happened after the Fengman water power dam was made in 1937. The forests that surround the lake have hundreds of plants and animals, and there are also many fish now stocked in lake, including whitefish, carp, and Mandarin Fish, which are all native to the Songhua River which was cut off to create the dam, and still flows from the lower side of the dam. The area also has many high quality villas and hotels, scenic spots, and a few tourism villages. WuHu Island is one of the most popular spots to see because of its rich history and beautiful views: WuHu means "Five Tigers" and ties with the tale of five brothers who defeated an evil dragon to return peace to the waters. Each year, a tourism festival is held at the lake. Does this lake look like a beautiful place to visit?
adds to do list: hike more in china
@cheerfulcallie I think traveling to places outside of the major cities isnt talked about mainstream, and that might be why?
i didnt realize china had so many beautiful places, usually you dont hear abt it...