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This park is centered on the Li River; particularly, the stretch that flows from Yangshuo to Guilin. Guilin itself is a city with beautiful natural monuments; in the center of the city is a 152-meter high peak which you can climb 300 stairs to its summit. Elephant Trunk Hill, which looks like an elephant drinking, is also worth seeing. The best way to see the sites of the area is definitely to take a boat tour along a 30-mile stretch! Check out the link for AMAZING interactive panoramic shots of the area by Air Pano. I want to go there and take some pictures. I think I'd run out of room on my memory cards pretty quick, though....
@Faithlove have you got to travel there before? It is absolutely stunning!
it's fantastic city.
@cheerfulcallie I heard that its a great place for travelers, without too many travelers!!
thats quite amazing....very beautiful, indeed...ill like to go there one day.