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Some adorable pictures have surfaced of a bunch of chubby puppies in China who have been pictured huddling around a staff canteen stove to keep warm. According to the chefs that work the stove, the pups won’t stop barking until the stove is lit. They all live in Jiulongjiang Forest Park in Rucheng county in southern China.
@ugsi omg this is probably one of the cutest photo ever.. and I just love how they know where to stand and don't push each other or hurting themselves
@ameliasantos10 yep they look so cute you just whant to pet them.
@ameliasantos i know!! I just want to go over with some blanket so they have a place to play next to the fire >.<
you had me at chubby puppies.
@saravy lol i know right!! she had me at chubby puppies too!! and all the photos they are so cute