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How to Fix Window Not Genuine- Three Different Methods With Steps Given Below!

There are many times when the following might have appeared on your screens, ‘This copy of windows is not genuine’ when you have installed windows on your PC.

Before the steps to fix windows that are not genuine, it is highly recommended to opt for genuine windows only!

If the case is that your screen turns completely black as soon as you install windows 7 and get the update on the screen that ‘This copy of windows is not genuine’ then you can fix it by the different methods given below.

The first method is to uninstall all windows updates. It should be kept a note of that your current windows 7 will function properly until it installs the “Windows 7 KB971033” update. As soon as it is installed, it shall detect that your windows copy is not genuine and will showcase an error text that will display “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine” which will turn your screen black. It is advised to keep a backup of all your personal data as there are chances of losing it during this step.

It is done by typing control panel in the windows search bar followed by opening control panel and clicking on the windows update section. After this click on view installed updates and post loading all installed updates, keep a check for update “KB971033” and uninstall. The last thing would be to restart your PC.

The second method is to use the ‘mslmgr –rearm” command. The steps for it begin with typing ‘cmd” in the search field followed by a right-click on “cmd” file and clicking on “Run as Administrator”. Post which you type “slmgr –rearm” without the quotation and press enter. “SLMGR” is basically the Windows software licensing management tool while ‘’REARM” command is to reset the present licensing status of your device. After this a confirmation window will appear and with that click on OK. The last step will be to restart your PC.

The third method is to use the rsop.msc command. It starts with pressing Windows+R together from the keyboard. You will then see a ‘mRun” window that will appear at the left bottom. Type rsop.msc in the search filed and press enter followed by which you go to Windows settings> security system> system services, then search for the plug and the play services. After this click on Windows button right click on it and then start looking for the Startup and then click on the Automatic and the R button as you did at the first step. This is then followed by pasting a command gpupdate/force into the run box. In the end you need hit enter and restart your PC!

There are three different methods as mentioned above that can be adopted to fix a window that is not genuine. It may seem very complicated but if you follow each step, it is very easy to carry it out!