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Korean BBQ at its BEST eaten near Hapjeong Station, Seoul.
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@mykoreaneats i know!!!! i had to go on like a detox to get all those meat out of me hahahahhaha but yer running and vegetable combination after a night out lol
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Looks delicious! It would be great if you could post more info about the places though - like where you found it, how much it was etc (then I can go too! haha)
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@traveller yeah sorry i just dont have time to post here anymore. but i do have a korean foodies' page where i post similar posts with location and pricing. jason ^^
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@mykoreaneats i am sad to hear that you won't be able to be on here as often anymore but you know ... to make it faster to post you can always use the vingle it button! it def. helps me when i am trying to post cards while i am in a hurry!
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@Mykoreaneats ....could time be made?? hehe~
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