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Three Days is a suspense-thrilling drama and depicts the story of president (Son Hyun Joo) who had gone missing while on a vacation after the three gunshots. SBS drama Three Days will premiere today, March 5, Wednesday. Park Yoo Chun is back in drama series since his MBC drama I Miss You. He will portray a role as the president’s (Son Hyun Joo) bodyguard on SBS drama Three Days. Along with him are his co-stars Park Ha Sun and Son Hyun Joo who would portray completely different characters in the drama. Park Yoo Chun’s back with his new strong and appealing look which unveils much stronger personality. Son Hyun Joo as Lee Dong Hee would take the role of a calm and dedicated president who will be supported and loved by his people. He then mysteriously disappeared after three gunshots while he was out for a journey. Park Ha Sun will also take part in the list of the characters. In her previous dramas, she would usually portray feminine and passionate roles with her beautiful and feminine aura. But in the drama Three Days, she actually had her hair been cut as short to portray much stronger look as a cop. The drama would reveal interesting scenes. Park Yoo Chun, as Han Tae Kyung, was in charge to protect the president and would dedicatedly discover where he would be after the mysterious disappearance of the president. He had vanished as the three gunshots were fired and heard. As well as with the other characters, they would be engaged into unveiling the truth regarding the situation of the president. They try to put the pieces of the puzzle all together to discover what lies behind the case. Such events and scenes were filmed in different locations. Viewers would expect diversity of scenes, dynamic scenes and action scenes which are very much anticipated. Three Days is an action-thriller production which qualifies to a movie quality that can be seen at your very own home theatre. The drama production has put such efforts to create another mind-boggling drama series that is expected to satisfy your interests.