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In 3 Days, episode 1, Han Tae Kyung(played by Park Yoo Chun), the bodyguard of the president of South Korea, missed his father’s last moment because of work. Tae Kyung had to escort the president, Lee Dong Hwi(played by Son Hyun Joo), at a conventional market. During work, he got a text message from the hospital that his father is in a critical condition. While he was shocked by the message, a citizen threw flour at the president. Later, the Chief Officer of the Presidential Security, Ham Bong Soo(played by Jang Hyun Sung), shouted, “If it was a bomb instead of flour, we would have lost our VIP. You cannot lose concentration no matter what, understand?” He continued, “Give me your ID and badge. You’re suspended for the time being.”
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have you started watching it yet ?? @divalycious