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In 3 Days, episode 1, Yoon Bo Won(played by Park Ha Sun) was suspicious about the death of Han Tae Kyung(played by Park Yoo Chun)’s father. Han Ki Joo(played by Lee Dae Yeon), who was Tae Kyung’s father as well as the Chief of Economy the Blue House, died of an unknown car accident. He was driving to the president to deliver news when he got into a huge accident and was sent to the hospital. However, he could not make it. During Ki Joo’s funeral, Bo Won came to Tae Kyung and asked, “Was there a white envelop among your father’s keepsakes? Do you know why he was heading to that direction? Are there any family or friends near the scene?” Tae Kyung replied, “All that was left was his wallet, cell phone and his car key. I was away. I really want to know too why he ended up there. Why are you doing this?” Bo Won told Tae Kyung something was suspicious about his death and handed him her card. She said, “Please give me a call if you find out why your father was on the way to Chungjoo.” Then she left.
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