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Shopping in Kemang, South Jakarta, is never boring. It seems like you can always find something new and interesting there to admire and maybe add to your personal collections. If you're new in town or too consumed with work to explore Kemang's bustling shopping spots, here are our picks for awesome fashion, furniture, and antique goods in the area. Colorful sunbeds - "Didu" If you yearn for a relaxing afternoon in the backyard with a book and a glass of chilled fresh lemonade, Didu's furniture can help you do so with style. Utilizing German technology with synthetic weaving materials, the Bali-based company's rattan products are UV- and weather-resistant, making them convenient for outdoor use. Apart from gorgeously-designed chairs and table sets, Didu also offers other items, such as lamps, paintings, mirrors and laundry baskets. The starting price for one regular chair is Rp 600,000 (US$61.82), while one table set is available from Rp 9 million. If you are interested in the cocoon-like chairs, they are priced starting at Rp 4,733,000. Sunbeds are available from Rp 2,215,000 Address: Jl. Kemang I - 12B Classy leather shoes - "Marista Santividya" Classy leather shoes are classy and timeless. Shoe designer Marista Santividya realized this and embraced the idea wholeheartedly by offering elegantly designed women's shoes, along with accessories such as necklaces and bags, at her eponymous Kemang store. Original leather shoes start at Rp 1.5 million, while those made of synthetic material are sold starting at Rp 289,000. The shop also accepts orders for custom-made shoes for men, women and children. Marista inherited the shoe-selling business from her parents and owns her own shoe-making workshop in Kebagusan, South Jakarta. Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 9E Antique map - "Bartele Gallery" Collectors, interior designers and gift seekers are just some of Bartele Gallery’s loyal customers. An antique map of Indonesia, for example, can be a simple yet thoughtful gift for your foreign friend. Other than that, the gallery's Dutch owner also offers original maps, prints, pictures and old copies newspapers from all over the world. The oldest item in the store’s collection is a 1540 colored map of Sri Lanka that originated from Germany, priced at $900, including a certificate of authenticity. The gallery also offers reproduction prints of antique maps starting from Rp 20,000. Even if you are not into ancient geography, the place is still a fantastic spot for window shopping. Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 29A Fantastic Kashmir rugs - "Kashmir Galleria" With its rather obvious name, there is little doubt as to what Kashmir Galleria has to offer: Fantastic original rugs from Kashmir in Northern India, globally famed for their hand-knotted silk rugs and pashminas. Wool rugs range in price from Rp 1.25 million to Rp 8.65 million, while the silk ones are sold from Rp 1.75 million to Rp 4.75 million. The bigger the rug is, the higher the price. The handmade “silk-on-silk rugs”, which usually take about three to five years to finish, are also available starting from US$6,000. The major feature of these “silk-on-silk rugs”, apart from the oh-so-smooth feeling upon touch, is that the color changes when seen from different angles. The store owner, who hails from Kashmir, also provides washing and repairing services for all types of carpets. Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 8A ’Old-but-new’ oak furniture - "Savvy" If you love brand new furniture with a vintage feel, you will feel right at home inside Savvy. Around half of Savvy’s products have been brought in from Paris, while the rest are made in-house with elegant European designs at half the price. Most of the furniture is made from oak. Those brought in from Paris, including the colorful wooden boxes, commodes, and old bicycles, start at Rp 14.5 million, Rp 26.5 million, and Rp 8.5 million, respectively. Other home accessories such as wooden statues, mirrors and lamps are also available. Address: Jl. Kemang I No. 10A
I'll keep that in mind. The first time I was anywhere in Asia (Japan) it was summer and the rainy season had started. it was crazy how fast the weather would change!
@nokcha right now it's still rainy sometimes in Jakarta. but the weather in April should be nice :)
@keshie okay cool! is there a rainy season there like in summer or something?
@nokcha: around April to June will be nice :)
Wow this looks like a really cool place to go antique shopping :) I really want to go to Indonesia, whats the best month to visit?