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With its plethora of accommodation choices, it is not too hard to find the perfect place to stay during your Ubud getaway. Most of the time, staying in Ubud means keeping away from the bustling crowd of the coastal towns in southern Bali. If that is the case, private villas available in Ubud would be the best choice for your lodgings. The Jakarta Post Travel picks five villas that best represent the various types of uniquely built accommodations in Ubud. Each offers different experiences that are often missing from the generic type of villas built by big chain hotels. These are our choices: 1. Fivelements Puri Ahimsa – a healing and wellness retreat. Located the furthest from Ubud’s central area, Fivelements is the perfect place to attain tranquility – an essential condition for a wellness retreat. Another nice aspect of Fivelements’ location is its close proximity to the Ayung River, filling each room in the resort with the hypnotizingly calm sound of the river. With the structure built from bamboo materials on 10,000 square meters of lush grassland, you can feel the natural harmony that Fivelements is trying to achieve. Large indoor and outdoor spaces are available for you to conduct your healing routines. The place offers flexible programs for you to experience, from a quick three-night retreat to a 21-night-long healing journey guaranteed to make you feel like new again. Great for travelers looking to recharge themselves, either through your own method of replenishment and detoxification, or just by letting the place do the magic for you. Banjar Baturning, Mambal Phone: +62.361.469206 Fax: +62.361.469822 2. Pandawas Villas – living the epic tale. The name “Pandawas” is not something that this villa uses for some shallow Balinese image – it means much more than that. In fact, the whole place is built with a design and philosophy based on the tale of the Pandawa brothers, who waged war against the evil Korawas in the ancient epic poem Mahabharata. In the villa, you will find a hall named after Arjuna, one of the Pandawas, and four other rooms named after his brothers: Yudistra, Bima, Sahadewa and Nakula. Each room is designed with similarities to the characteristics of its namesake. The Bima room, for example, is adorned with a white-and-grey checkered mural symbolizing the color of Bima's battle armor. Pandawas Villas is a really exclusive resort with only four lavish rooms available on a stunning 7,000-square-meter site. The communal layout of the place, with the rooms built close to each other, produces an engaging atmosphere while maintaining privacy at the same time, which is ideal when one wants to book the whole resort. “We have several celebrities who have booked all the rooms during their stay here,” villa owner Monica Mohindra said. Great for families who want to book several rooms altogether in a resort without having to be too separated from each other. Jl. Raya Kendran No.1 Banjar Kepitu, Tegallalang Phone: +62 361 971877 3. Chapung SeBali – romantic private getaway. Ubud is also famous for its green rice paddies, and Chapung SeBali takes advantage of that. This is not just for show, though, because the majority of vegetables served in the villas are homegrown products. Yet, when you take a peek at the rooms that they offer, you will see that Chapung SeBali manages to pull off a great blend between the beautiful natural environment of Ubud and the contemporary lifestyle of modern people, which creates a pleasant fusion of local tradition and urban living. Among the many non-chain villas in Ubud, Chapung SeBali is one of the rare few with direct access to pools next to the rooms. Furthermore, the famous rice paddies of Ubud are very close to gaze upon, right in front of your room, along with epic views of the river valley. With such great scenery, as well as the high walls that give you total privacy, it feels like you can just spend your time there without the need to leave your room. High-class service is also apparent in their culinary department as you will be treated to delicacies made by George, their chef from Greece who specializes in Mediterranean food. In short, Chapung SeBali gives you the same class that is offered by 5-star brands, such a great achievement for a villa nicely hidden away in Keliki village. Great for honeymooners who want to experience that luxurious feeling of having the world stand still in front of them. Jl. Raya Sebali Keliki, Ubud Phone: +62 361 8989102 4. KajaNe Mua & Yangloni – choosing sides By having two resorts built in Ubud, KajaNe gives you the flexibility to choose how far you want to be from the central area of Ubud. If you hate the thought of walking more than 20 minutes just to get to Ubud Market on Jl. Raya Ubud, it would be better to stay at KajaNe Mua at Jl. Monkey Forest – one of Ubud’s busiest streets. KajaNe Yangloni, on the other hand, would be more appropriate if you are looking for something further away with minimum traffic noise pollution. Either way, both places offer nice accommodation. KajaNe Mua is built with modern architecture overlooking the Campuhan river valley, while Yangloni will give you a great experience in their wooden villas with large rice paddy in the center of the complex. Great for those of you who have not made a decision on whether to stay in the center area of Ubud or not. The staff will be delighted to take you between the two villas so you can assess them better. Jl. Monkey Forest (KajaNe Mua) Jl. Raya Peliatan (KajaNe Yangloni) Phone: +62 361 972877, +62 361 972875 5. Bambu Indah – the ultimate escape to nature “They have traveled a long way [to get here], why would they want to watch TV?” said Bambu Indah manager Meliana Salim in response to my amazement at not seeing any televisions in any of the villas at Bambu Indah. Bambu Indah whole-heartedly embraces the “eco-friendly” concept by using wood and bamboo in most of its structures. Famous Asian top model who recently became a big endorser of green living, Nadya Hutagalung, personally recommended this place to The Jakarta Post Travel. You would be hard-pressed to find another place in Bali that could match Bambu Indah's natural buildings. Staying at Bambu Indah will give you the ultimate rustic experience of living in the forest. But, don’t worry, it is still a luxurious resort – air conditioners, hot-water baths and electricity are among its features. Aside from the environmentally conscious concept, Bambu Indah also happens to have the best location in Sayan village – on a cliff edge, overlooking magnificent rice paddies far across the Ayung River. Seeing the sunset from the villa's front porch is just heavenly. It may be one of the best sunset views in Bali. Great for those wanting to get as close as possible to nature. Banjar Baung, Sayan Village Phone: +62 361 977 922
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