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Magistrate Lee Joon Gi Munches on Magistrate Snacks
June 27, Lee Joon Gi tweeted, “The magistrate is in the middle of eating.” The black-and-white photo showed Lee Joon Gi dressed in hanbok and holding up an open bag of snacks. Lee Joon Gi is currently shooting for the upcoming MBC drama Arang and the Magistrate and stars as Eun Oh, the magistrate. Humorously, the name of the snack Lee Joon Gi was eating in the picture was ‘Magistrate Food’ showing the ‘magistrate’ munching on ‘magistrate’ snacks. Netizens commented saying, “How playful”, “The magistrate is eating his magistrate’s food!”, “You must be tired filming for your drama. Please take care to eat well.” Src: Enewsworld
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