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There are some celebs that have gorgeous hair. There are others that are just gorgeous without hair. Have you ever thought of the most striking/memorable celebrity men without hair? The list goes from some of the most gorgeous men around to renowned world leaders. Here is the list: Jason Statham Before Jason Statham, baldness was a sign of aging. Thanks to his numerous, weakly plotted, but amply awesome, action flicks, it is now a sign that says something more like, “Don’t mess with me or I’ll break all 206 of your bones.” Jonathan Banks The most intimidating grandpa of the decade, Jonathan Banks has taught us that, if anything, hair only gets in the way of being awesome. Bruce Willis The guy who probably inspired Jason Statham, a shiny dome didn’t stop Bruce from kicking butt, taking names, and (SPOILERS) not realizing that he was dead the whole time in that one movie. Dean Norris Another dangerously awesome bald guy from Breaking Bad, Dean Norris’ cue ball head reminds us to tread lightly. Patrick Stewart From Captain Jean-Luc Picard to Professor Xavier, Patrick Stewart is a career baldy who shows no intent of stopping anytime soon. He also gets the distinction of most adorable bald guy on the list. Just look at that bowtie… Vin Diesel With a last name like Diesel, he really didn’t need to do much else to be awesome. But in order to complete the metamorphosis to his fearfully awesome persona, he keeps his head bald and regularly benches freight containers. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Former pro-wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson first shaved his head to avoid staining it with the blood of his victims. The fear his gleamingly shiny noggin instilled in his opponents was so great that he never actually had to kill anyone, they were too busy running away from his massive arms’ reach. Bryan Cranston The original script for Breaking Bad was actually called Breaking Bald, a story about a high school chemistry teacher who shaves off all of his hair and then goes around asking other equally dangerous, and equally bald men if they, “even lift, bro.” Creator Vince Gilligan thought the premise probably would be “too mature” for the public to handle so he dialed it down and made Bryan Cranston a meth dealer instead. Dalai Lama None of the above men, no matter how bald and dangerous, contain as much bald-awesomeness as this guy. Peace and wisdom is more awesome than violence, people!
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this whole card cracked me up~~ who knew it could be so great to not have hair!