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Health gurus have been talking about the benefits of tea for years. And traditional Asian cultures have known the tea plant’s value, in both culinary and medicinal contexts, for centuries. Usually, antioxidants and polyphenols are the biggest reason that tea drinking is considered to be a healthy habit. But aside from supplying these nutrients, the tea plant has several other benefits that most drinkers don’t know about. Consider these scientifically proven benefits of tea, and raise your glass to good health! Tea Strengthens Your Teeth All varieties of tea made from the Camellia sinensis (traditional tea plant) contain significant amounts of fluoride. Fluoride, although often added to municipal water supplies, is beneficial to consume from dietary sources because of its ability to strengthen teeth and bones. White Tea Can Keep Wrinkles at Bay According to recent research, compounds found in the minimally processed leaves of white tea may work to prevent, and even reverse, certain aging characteristics. So if you’re worried about saggy or wrinkled skin, brew of a pot of white tea and drink up. Green Tea Can Keep Vision Sharp A study performed in 2010 suggests that green tea may contribute to long-term eye health. The study concluded that the tissues that make up the eye, specifically the retina, were benefited by moderate green tea consumption. It Promotes Heart Health Research has shown that persistent consumption of green tea can lower heart attack risk, cholesterol levels, and risk of coronary artery disease. As heart disease becomes more of a concern across the world, this news should be well received by tea drinkers. If you’re not already a tea drinker, use these benefits as a reason to give tea a try. Although you might start drinking tea for the health benefits, you’ll most likely continue for the variety and delicious taste!
@ameliasantos I've never tried hawaiian coffee beans. Do you have a local store you get them from or do you buy them online? I would love to try some :)
@dillonk mine has got to be the hawaiian coffee beans! they are amazing!!!
@dillonk I didnt drink tea or coffee 2 years ago because I didnt like the taste, and now I can't get enough!!
@ameliasantos10 Cuban coffee on special occasions, otherwise a red eye usually does the trick. What about you?
@dillonk it definitely is !! i love coffee too... and i still remember those days when I used to be like americano is too bitter for me.... and now i drink them like everyday!! what's your favourite coffee drink?
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