Stamp Types

Company stamps

Organization stamp is a rectangular stamp, which is universally used in the clerical work of enterprises. Its main function is not to authenticate documents. The stamp cliche contains text that replaces a similar handwritten notation. This is very convenient, because when filling out various papers (for example, applications for leave, dismissal, etc.), the same information is often repeated (for example, company details, the words “Copy”, “Certified”, etc.) The stamp allows you to not write every time it’s the same thing by hand, but actually duplicates, which significantly saves time when filling out papers.

Logo stamps

Each large organization has its own concept, which is reflected in the name, slogan and logo. Therefore, most business leaders prefer to order the manufacture of stamps with the company logo. A company logo or trademark may serve as additional protection against counterfeiting in this case. Most often, the original design, which contains a graphic image, is chosen for the main print of the enterprise, but it can also be used for auxiliary prints and stamps.
The image of a trademark or company logo remains at the discretion of the client, but at the same time it must be unique, not violate the rights of third parties and their legitimate interests. The design of the stamp or seal can be ordered from the company manufacturing them. You will be offered several options for colors and design.
The trademark itself can be executed with the help of modern technologies that protect the print from counterfeiting that type you can create with stamp maker. For example, a grayscale image or a guilloche grid will allow you to create not only the original print design, but also prevent fraudsters from reproducing it.
The size and content of such stamps is not regulated, they can be any. They are used for marking products, props, containers, implements, etc. Special paint is refilled in them, which allows you to leave prints not only on paper, but also on any other material - wood, glass, cardboard, porcelain, etc.


The company for its needs can order stamps for any purpose. Most often they are rectangular in shape. Triangular is rarely used, mainly only in medical institutions, together with the seal of the doctor or the honey himself. institutions.
To account for seals and stamps, a special journal is opened at the enterprise, which is maintained by the responsible person. The acquisition of new stamps and the replacement of those that become unusable is carried out on the basis of an order from the head of the enterprise. Then an order is made to a company that specializes in their manufacture. The seals and stamps to be replaced are disposed of.

Which equipment to choose

The equipment is manual and automatic. When choosing it, you should focus on convenience and quality. Options also differ in shape and size. Manual rigging is a classic option. It consists of a pen, a base (round, square, rectangular, triangular) and a cliche made of rubber or polymer. The main inconvenience when using manual printing is due to the fact that it must be constantly pressed to the ink pad to leave an impression on the paper.
More modern options for manual equipment - flash printing. Inside is already a ink cartridge that can be changed when it runs out. The cliche of this print is made of special microporous rubber. Another advantage is the compact size. That is why flash printing is often ordered for business trips, field negotiations.
Automatic equipment is a body made of durable plastic with a movable mechanism and an adhesive backing. A cliche is attached to the base, which leaves an imprint with individual information (logo, name of organization, etc.) on paper. Its feature is a built-in stamp pad. Thanks to this design, printing does not need to be dipped in ink every time, everything happens automatically. The pillow is easy to get and replace with a new one.