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Just came across this and can't believe how awfully this was done. I always thought of the Vendor Stalls as a wonderful piece of K culture. Awful that they're treated this way- could have done it more professionally, esp considering the chaotic aftermath caused by this gov't action.
@ameliasantos10 wow :( that is heartbreaking - but also amazing work ethic - but also sad that that is how much it takes to make it sometimes. @dillonk from what I've read, they are - these particular ones were just some that did not set their vending business up legally... but I hear they are trying to decrease overall vendors like that in order to make the city look more modern and appealing to tourists.. :/
@serbshavemofun This is just awful. I have never been to Gangnam, are street vendors common?
@serbshavemofun I know .. they work really hard especially the ddeokbokki places!! They actually stay until 2~3 am !!!! and it looks so sad when they are falling asleep in the cold :(
yea - my hope is that they get enough flack about this from the general public to make them change how they think to do things. To be fair, I'm sure every politician doesn't handle every situation this badly, but it is ridiculous and was not done respectfully. I have faith they will straighten up :) @ameliasantos10 and @styleisking I hear you and especially as someone who hasn't been there yet, I really look forward to seeing these stalls everywhere and trying them out. Not to mention how much respect I have for the work ethic of some of those people.
@serbhavmofun I wish they would find another way too and instead of destroying it they could have just taken it away.. and i wish there was something we could do about it like some kind of organisation to help them out or something:(
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