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Radiohead experimented with slow motion video for their track "Spirit Street (Fade Out)" "The video for this song was shot using different film frequencies, allowing various actions to unfold at different rates within the same frame. The emotional effects of this practice range from silly to unsettling. Try not to watch this video too many times; it begins to feel a little more disturbing each time." [Jeff Shreve]
Radiohead videos are always so visually interesting. This one is really neat too. I like the part when they guy just sort of slowly slides back out of his chair.
I do! For English music try "Skaters" or "Spectrals" and for Korean search for "The Lads" (their song 108 is really great!
@nokcha umm that is interesting haha well to each his own haha do u like indie music in general? do u have any indie songs/artists that u can introduce?
@n3xt no but i studied there for a year and found all these amazing indie bands!
@nokcha r u korean?
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