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They must have practiced this for HOURS! At one point it looks like one of them almost fell~ Such a great workout song, right!? This created a lot of parodies and made OK Go really famous! I guess a little hard work into a video and a good song goes a long way :)
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shhh give me some credit....working my fingers hard over here hahahaha @nokcha
@nokcha i dont know y but as soon as this song started it took me back to the 90s. man i miss the 90s sound haha
@onesmile i know i am totally sticking to finger excercise lol on my keyboard!~ @n3xt this definitely brings back the thought of when i was growing up like teenage years ahhah
@ameliasantos10 right?! its like i hear kids now and i think back to my years of bad/great music haha
A classic lol