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Does gender bias still exist? It sickens me to read the comments on this video and see all the people who don’t believe that this is how things are. Because let me tell you, this is accurate. Powerful men are assumed to be strong, intelligent leaders, while powerful women are seen as bossy and mean. Furthermore, successful men are assumed to have achieved their success through ability, while successful women are just seen as lucky. There is such a double standard and I’m so upset about how many people don’t realize that it exists. (props to the company for using this as their ad though, I’m impressed that they did that, and it’s really important to point out) the ‘boss’ and ‘bossy’ one hits home so badly.
heheheheheheh @styleisking not at all ... just "friendly" banter ... :D
Wow seems like I may have caused some trouble. I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this case I stand by mine.
@noahM dude I think that you are getting upset at the wrong person here. The comment about sleeping around was stated by @styleisking. Either way, your opinion is welcomed but you do not need to accuse or attack another for their point of view. You have the right to your opinion but so does @divalycious and everyone else. Btw, I was a double major in Econ and PoliSci, and this is a very hotly debated topic in both realms with hard evidence to support both @divalycious' point as well as the point that it is improving.
@nokcha ... I am reading and trying to understand what's going on too
I'm just confused because it seems like @NoahM is agreeing with @divalycious's argument? I don't understand what @NoahM's stance on this is exactly???
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