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@neaa … I saw this as a response to your question about the 5 qualities we want to see in men. Ironically, this image can be interpreted in two ways. From the Male perspective, he believes that he is SUPERMAN beneath it all. From the FEMALE perspective, we want him to be SUPERMAN, without any faults and failing, cause at some point pushing the feminist point of view aside … we want to be the damsel in distress. Anywho, that's my two cents … lets hear from you fine folk out there … :D via http://www.glennmeling.com
woah, I like your interpretations of this. I wonder, too if we could say its also a man who seems quite ordinary but has the potential to be so much more :)
I am* protect me*
Wow.. that was the best description to the pic!! I more of a Batman person..and frankly superman is a failed lover too.. but i like the idea of it.. i want someone who'd protect.. and fight the world with me and for me! and this pic says it all!