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Have you ever experienced the discomfort of a rogue underwire?? It's so awful, PLUS you're out a bra! Or so I thought... until I learned that repairing a bra whose underwire has poked through is actually really simple! I think most of us gals have a LOVE/HATE relationship with our underwire bras. While they are great at supporting and shaping our curves, they can sometimes feel like you’re wearing a medieval instruments of torture! Especially when one of those underwires decides to break through the fabric and starts digging into your skin! Definitely not comfortable. Quite UNcomfortable actually. I can’t begin to count how many bras I have thrown away over the years when this has happened. Little did I know I was throwing them away unnecessarily! Not only is there an incredibly effective fix for this problem, it’s an incredibly EASY fix as well! Ah well….live and LEARN! And thanks to Chaotically Creative for the awesomely, creative idea (which you can also purchase on her website as well.) And now that *I* have LEARNED this trick…it’s time for me to pass it on to you! Because that’s what I do! :-) All you will need to repair your broken underwire bra is a pair of scissors and a package of this: Yep, that is padding for your feet’s corns and calluses, better known as “moleskin”, and something I have never bought in my entire life…until now. Prepare to be amazed! First push that annoying wire back into the hole it poked out of. Then cut a small piece of the moleskin just big enough to cover the area of the hole. Peel the backing off the piece you cut out and press it onto the “wound.” Continue to press firmly for several seconds and then you are done! diy bra repair The amazing thing about this fix is that, in my experience, it gets better over time! The more you wear it, the more your body heat works on the adhesive, and the moleskin all but FUSES with the bra material. Mine has lasted through a few washes now and shows no signs of coming off. Now I know there are going to be comments about how if your underwire is poking through then you are doing something wrong (ie. wearing the wrong size; not following proper washing instructions, etc.) Let me just say before everyone gets all worked up, I’m sure those are all valid points, but they don’t do anything to REPAIR the problem. This does.
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This is so simple but smart! Great share :) :)