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Wearing: Tom Ford Well, hello Mr. Cooper! I'm loving this look, though I honestly think he looks great in anything. What do you think about the black buttons on the white button up? Too much, or a nice extra detail?
@onesmile i just love it when he wars leather jacket and usually i am not much of a person who likes facial hair but wow those stubbles just makes hime look so much more gorgeous!
@ameliasantos10 seriously @.@ I love when peoole look good in both formal and casual attire, and he totally does
he's such a cutie on and off the red carpet!
@styleisking likewise! as much as I don't have a strong interest in going myself or anything, I lkve seeing what trends and styles will be shown off! Which trend was your favorite this year?
One of the things that I love about these award ceremonies is the fashion that some of these guys show off. Great look
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